Spigot Balustrades

The glass spigot system is a unique balustrade which allows you to fix the glad to a horizontal surface without the need for either channel or posts. This glass spigot balustrade system is ideal for around swimming pools, staircases and decking areas. A very simple but effective system. The spigots are available as core drill types for fixing into tiled concrete slabs, as well as a base plated version for bolting to a timber deck.

The most popular type of spigots sold are friction clamp spigots where there is no need for drilled holes in the toughened glass to take a bolt through the spigot to hold the glass. Friction spigots have a compression plate that can be pressure screwed inside of the spigot onto the face of the glass so as to clamp the glass in place.

12mm toughened glass panels are used together with the spigots

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