About us


Established in 2006, Shower Comfort was the brainchild of Chris & Louise.

Putting into practice the extensive knowledge and experience they built up in both the glass & aluminum and finance & administration sectors, they decided to expand into further sectors of the glass industry, and thus Glass & Shower Comfort was founded.

They continued implementing the core values of the company into every aspect thereof. Providing customers with reliable, trustworthy products and service delivery.

Life however is not the fairest game to play, and during the unforeseen circumstantial situation of COVID-19  in 2020 the company experienced the same uncertainty as the rest of the world.

Despite all the uncertainty and unrest, we managed to draw inspiration from the values that brought us this far.

Proving that hard work, honesty, integrity, loyalty, innovation and quality products & service delivery do pay off.

And out of all the uncertainty, SA Shower Doors & Products was founded.

With the same product range and drive to serve our customers as before we ensure that your every need will be professionally and efficiently attended to by strict AAAMSA and SASEMA industry-related safety standards and specifications.

Big or small - we do them all

If you can dream it - we can design it